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Based on your information, you likely qualify for the Employee Retention Credit Program. 

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The full evaluation only takes approximately 15 minutes and could be worth a great deal of money to your business.  There is no cost, no risk and no commitment.  If your ERC qualification is confirmed and you choose to move forward with us, you will know the exact amount of your total refund before any payment is requested.

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You will receive a link to schedule your 100% Complementary Full ERC Evaluation with one of our experienced ERC Advisors who will ask you a few questions to understand your eligibility.

Here is some information to help you in advance.

ERC Refunds can be substantial. Many people are surprised to learn their business is eligible when they thought or were told it was not.  It is important to work with experienced professionals who have expertise with the Employee Retention Credit Program specifically. 

If you qualify, your exact refund amount is determined only by our Claims Processing Team.  Our CPA partners are experts in this complex tax credit. They research government orders, analyze your documentation and apply a full understanding of the complex and nuanced rules along with many factors that impact the refund totals.

They are rigorous to ensure claim accuracy.  If it is determined you do not qualify, we do not venture into gray areas of the tax code or stretch definitions to ‘get’ you qualified.

Karma Refunds only files fully substantiated claims for clients.  We are not an ‘ERC Mill’ that rubber stamps claims for monies you are not entitled to receive.

Our Client Manifesto:

ERC Refunds ONLY on monies that QUALIFY, 

but ERC Refunds on ALL monies that QUALIFY

Because ERC refund claims are complex and often involve a substantial amount of money, which could be subject to IRS audit years down the road, who you choose to work with matters.

We caution our prospective clients to conduct due diligence and be wary of firms that offer inflated estimates, promise ‘maximum refunds’ or ‘15% higher refunds the competition’, or who are charging below market rates to grab business.  The IRS issued a warning about these predatory companies, which you can read about HERE.

The team at Karma Refunds is committed to doing right by our clients to ensure qualified, accurate ERC refund claims. 

Because that’s good karma.

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